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This month Aintree’s beloved son shared a personal story, and announced his intention to help others

Less than twelve months after being diagnosed with the precursor to type 2 diabetes, Sir Anthony McCoy has announced that he’s reversed it.

He’s not alone in having the condition – the British Medical Journal warns that one in three of us have prediabetes, and without action it can progress to type 2 diabetes. As well as requiring daily management, people who develop this condition can lose up to ten years of their lives.

The diagnosis followed AP’s retirement but as ever, when faced with a challenge, the 20-time Champion Jockey put his mind to it. Through lifestyle changes – including cutting out his beloved choccie biscuits – he turned his health around.

“When I got my first test results back that said I had prediabetes, it shocked me. I’ve been a professional athlete my entire life and wasn’t expecting to see these results. It just goes to show that we’re all vulnerable. However it’s been simple to make the changes I needed to. The test should be accessible to everyone, on a national diabetes screening programme.”

The hormone test, available exclusively from Randox Health as part of its innovative health checks, has been developed to flag up people with low levels of the protective hormone Adiponectin. Recent evidence has highlighted how low levels of Adiponectin indicate high levels of dangerous yet hidden internal fat.

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