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Find out how Randox Health reduced his risk of a heart attack by 75% – without medication

For years Iain Shiel had struggled to lose weight. Good intentions never stuck. Then he came to Randox Health.

“In 2012 I retired as a commercial pilot after 40 years of flying.  During that period, I had at least one full medical check-up per year.  However, since retirement I have had no recourse to a meaningful health M.O.T. and this was an area of concern to me.

“The air crew medical system was functional but did not go into any depth.  I had reached a point in life where I knew that there were probably areas of my health that I could improve upon, but I had no way of addressing these issues.  Randox proved to be my perfect solution.

“I attended my health screening in Northern Ireland; it comprised of a simple blood test, a comprehensive health assessment and an interview with a Randox doctor.  The experience was uncomplicated, pleasant and professional and took approximately one hour.

“I had the results from my “Randox” around ten days later, along with a de-brief from the same doctor.  My results highlighted three main areas of concern; raised blood pressure, high BMI (body mass index) and unhealthy body fat distribution. What stood out most for me was the 10-year cardiovascular risk measurement. Reading that there was a 26% chance of it happening in ten years was a shock I immediately realised my health wasn’t something I could play with.

“Between us, we agreed areas to be worked on, namely a change in general lifestyle; a healthier diet, more exercise and a reduction in alcohol consumption. The impetus I was given by Randox resulted in me adopting real lifestyle changes.  To date I have lost over three stone, my blood pressure has been reduced, my BMI is lower than it has ever been and most importantly that cardiovascular risk is down to 7% which the Doctor said was a remarkable improvement. I feel great!

“Most of us have an idea of what we should do to improve our health. I believe however, that Randox gives you clear evidence of why, helps you with the how and supports you fully on your journey to becoming a healthier you!”

And Iain will be featured in an interview with Randox Health next week, discussing how he’s been so successful at transforming his health. He’ll be joined by scientist Emma Cuddy, the owner of Crossfit Belfast and The Ivory’s head chef Kieron Donnelly.