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Give something really special to your loved ones this Christmas

Think of a world where sickness is prevented rather than managed. A world where health risks are pinpointed early and controlled with lifestyle changes before they become a concern. A world in which you are in control of your future.

With Randox Health, this is all possible. Its advanced health screening programmes use hundreds of sensitive blood tests, to assess the health of the entire body – from heart, kidney, lungs, hormones, digestive and more – and identify early warning signs. Clients are then empowered to make positive changes to stay healthy for longer. As each programme lasts twelve months, Randox Health guides you to make changes that last a lifetime. These programmes are now available to buy as a voucher for the most thoughtful Christmas present.

Traditionally healthcare is approached from a sickness-management perspective but Randox, founded by a man with a vision, is not afraid to be disruptive in the pursuit of positive change.

“I believe we are entering an age of enlightenment,” says Dr Peter FitzGerald. “Personalised healthcare is in a transformative period: more and more people are choosing to be proactive about staying healthy, rather than leave it to chance.”

What stands Randox Health apart is the way it uses its innovative medical diagnostics. Instead of looking at isolated sections of your health, it takes a whole-body approach. The benefits of this approach make any other programme seem one-dimensional.

“Our bodies are like jigsaws: everything is interconnected. It’s why we have evolved health screening to look at the whole body. We’ve been developing diagnostic tests for over 35 years, so we have been able to drive this change. Depending on the programme you choose, we carry out between 150 and 350 tests on your blood samples. That means your results deliver a complete understanding of your health: your heart, kidneys, thyroid, fertility, bones and more. And it doesn’t just tell you how you are now, but helps you to manage your health for the future.”

That level of diagnostic accuracy is one of the reasons why the programmes are so sought-after by people whose livelihoods depend on their health. Its principal brand ambassador is Sir AP McCoy, the world’s most successful jockey, and there are Olympic athletes, rugby stars and boxers all happy to share how their Randox Health programme gave them the knowledge they needed to make important changes.

These tests are of course applicable to each and every one of us. Many common conditions today are preventable through simple lifestyle changes, including over 50% of all cancers, 70% of cardiovascular disease and 80% of strokes. The key to life-changing preventive health action is just an appointment away.

“I’ve often been asked why I wanted to sponsor the Grand National,” says Dr FitzGerald. “It was simple. It’s known as the People’s race; we care deeply about people’s health and making sure they can enjoy the best moments that life has to offer. I think that’s something we all aspire to achieve.”

You can give the ‘gift of health’ this year to a loved one by purchasing a voucher for Christmas. This can be for the whole programme, part of it or for one of our specialised tests. Programmes are available from as little as £40 per month. Visit randoxhealth.com to find out more and book an appointment or call 0800 2545 130.