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Randox Health

The new headline sponsor of the Grand National Festival.

Randox Health, the new headline sponsor of the Grand National Festival.

Global innovative healthcare company, Randox Health, became the new Official Partner of the Grand National, and the three-day Grand National Festival in a five-year deal which started after the 169th running of the Grand National in April 2016. They also became the Official Healthcare Partner of The Jockey Club, which runs many of British Racing’s crown jewel assets including the Grand National – but who is Randox and what do they do?


Randox Health is a world leader in healthcare diagnostics; today more than 5% of the world’s population – in excess of 370 million people across 145 countries – receives medical diagnosis using Randox products each year. Randox is the largest diagnostic company from the UK and exports over 95% of products worldwide.

Offering the world’s most advanced preventative health screening in their clinics, currently in London and Belfast, Randox Health plans to roll out clinics nationally and internationally over the next 12 months, including in Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin. The Randox Health checks aim to prevent illness and enhance wellbeing by running hundreds of tests from one simple patient sample. These unique tests give an extraordinary insight into every aspect of a person’s health.

Founded in 1982 in County Antrim by leading medical scientist and keen horseman, Dr. Peter FitzGerald‎ CBE, Randox Health is dedicated to improving health and enhancing lives, worldwide. To achieve their goals the company is committed to an extensive research programme, investing more than £220m since 1992. The company currently employs more than 1,400 people of 44 different nationalities.

This research has also led to the establishment of a number of successful subsidiary companies supporting forensic toxicology, food safety and veterinary care, as well as leading developments within the pharmaceutical industry.

“Randox Health is dedicated to improving health and enhancing lives, worldwide”


The world today is full of preventable illnesses, and Randox Health is specially designed to help you spot them early and restore wellbeing.

Randox patented technologies measure hundreds of biomarkers simultaneously which show what you need to do now to prevent illness in your future. On a daily basis,

Randox clients find early signs of disease and pro-actively reverse these – for some it only takes a few months.

Randox Health offers innovative diagnostic products and services to save and improve lives across the globe. Their extensive portfolio includes:

• Randox Health Clinics
Offering the worlds most advanced preventative health check
• Randox Reagents
Comprehensive test menu for accurate disease diagnosis
• RX Series
Clinical chemistry analysers running tests within a variety of laboratory settings
• Randox Toxicology
Developing novel tests to support the fight against drugs of abuse
• Randox Quality Control
Ensuring the precision and accuracy of diagnostic tests across the globe
• Randox Biosciences
Dedicated to advancing scientific discovery and supporting drug development
• Randox Food Diagnostics
Screening animals and produce for harmful drug residues
• Randox Testing services
Forensic toxicology and workplace drug and alcohol testing

Find out more about Randox Health, visit www.randoxhealth.com