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Want to win a FitBit at the Randox Health Grand National?

Take the Randox Health #TrueAgeChallenge to be in with a chance of winning a FitBit on each day of the Festival.

Racegoers will have the chance to win a Fitbit on each day of this month’s Randox Health Grand National 2018 by pitting themselves against each other to be crowned the ‘youngest’ person at Aintree.

Challengers can take part by visiting the Randox Health Zone and stepping on the Body Composition Analysis (BCA) machine. The machine, which is non-invasive and assesses 25 different areas of your body, takes measurements including the ratio of muscle to fat, bone density, hidden visceral fat and cellular hydration levels.

In its measurement of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the rate at which the body consumes calories for basic bodily processes, the BCA machine will give challengers their ‘true’ body age.

The winner will either be the single person with the greatest difference between their body age and ‘true’ age as determined by the BCA, or if there are multiple people with the same age difference, they will be entered into a draw before that day’s final race.

Celebrities, including some of racing’s finest, will also be adding their names to the leader board which will be displayed on the Randox Health website. Could you be the one to beat Sir Anthony McCoy at Aintree? Take on the #TrueAgeChallenge and compete with friends and well-known faces alike, all while finding out just how healthy you really are.

Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox, commented:

“The True Age Challenge taking place over the course of the Randox Health Grand National 2018 festival is a novel way to highlight the importance of finding out the current state of your own personal health.

“We are also looking forward to bringing a new opportunity to the Randox Health activation space at Aintree where you can speak to an expert, confidentially, about any health concerns which may be on your mind. Our experts are on-hand to chat with you and to offer advice on how to proceed.

“We are delighted to once again bring world-leading healthcare to the global stage through the Randox Health Grand National and wish everyone a happy, healthy, event.”

For more information about the #TrueAgeChallenge, please contact Randox PR on 028 9445 1016 or email [email protected]

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